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Hi All
At present I do a spot of grass cutting and garden maintenance for a few
folk. When i started out I was using a Mcculloch Mower that was self
propelled, it did an ok job but I got it for free and after a good bit
of use it was only good for the bin, it was good for up to a medium
sized lawn.
So as an upgrade I searched around and got myself a Suffolk Punch (17")
cylinder mower. Its fantastic, for the money (i paid £100 for it)
however it does struggle very much with gardens that aren't completely
level and i am forever emptying the grass box. On one garden I emptied
the box 28 times, which is a bit of an irrotation.
To meet my needs half way I have been considering at the end of the
season buying a rotary mower with a roller on the back (for the
stripes). I have recently used a Hayter Harrier 48, it was nothing
short of superb, very quiet left an excellent finish on the lawn.
However they are mega money, even second hand.
Therefore I am looking a bit of advice of what to buy really. I have
seen a Mcculloch with a roller
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{keyword}),and also a Mountfield M3.
The mower gets approx 4-6 hours of use per week, so if anyone has any
further suggestions please reply.
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On Jun 4, 3:02=A0am, tsomo2000 wrote:
You are spending a lot of time cutting grass. A rider would be best but at least you should go for something with a wider cut, say 21-22 inches. I have a self propelled Honda with a mulching blade and never have to bag clippings. I know UK models are different but previously I had a two cycle Lawnboy but 2 cycle engines have been eliminated in US mowers and now I enjoy cutting with 4 cycle engine with far fewer fumes to inhale.
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