New deck for Honda HRG415C

My parents have had a Honda HRG415 for a few years now. Engine still
runs very nicely but the deck has started to rust and now has a large
hole in it which allows grass cuttings to blow everywhere when mowing.
The hole is about 4 inches long and half an inch wide.
I've had a quick look and although there are spares online for every
other part of the mower I can't find a replacement deck. Does anyone
have any idea where I could get one from?
I thought if I couldn't get a replacement it could be welded. Does
anyone know what sort of place could do that?
Another quick question: the blade is pretty blunt now, is it more
economical to buy a replacement blade or should I get the existing one
Thank you
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I would assume that the deck can easily be welded, at a minimal expense if you find the right shop. Try to find a small machine shop or welding shop, and take it to them for an estimate. Welds of this type don't always look great (an obvious patch) but functionally, they are perfect. I know because I have one done, and the old deck then outlasted the engine.
For the blade, call any mower shop and tell them your model mower, and ask them for a new blade price and a sharpening price. The sharpening price should be cheaper. Make sure that they balance the blade when they sharpen it, otherwise you will get vibration.
Hope this helps.
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