Older model Qualcast suffolk punch mowers and scarifier cassette

Hi guys i was wondering if anyone knows whether an older model suffolk
punch mower (suffolk punch 35) has any attachments you can buy seperate
i.e scarifier???
many thanks,
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Hi Matt,
Unfortunately there was nothing produced to convert the older Suffolk Punch cylinder mowers in to Scarifiers.
The more modern 35s Suffolk Punch & Qualcast Classic 35s mowers were introduced around 1999 with the QX Cassette idea which enabled people to remove the Blade Cassette and replace it with a Scarifier Cassette.
The older electric Qualcast mowers such as the Concorde RE25, RE30 & RE35 came with little plastic clips which contained a scarifier spring tine and hooked on the cutting cylinder. However these mowers worked at quite a "slow speed" compared to the petrol powered versions.
Hope this helps
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Hi Lawnmowerworld I read with interest your post. I have been trying to find the replacement scarifier tines for my ancient XR30 however I need the whole unit plastic clip as well is there a site or retailer you can suggest who would supply them? Have hunted the web without much success.
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