New lawnmower, any tips?

Hi All,
My lawnmower's given up the ghost after a few years, so need to get
another one. It was an electric rotary which seemed to the job on my
smallish (100 square meters) lawn.
Now I hate mowing the lawn with an absolute passion! It is without a
job the chore I dislike the most, mainly because of the odd shape of our
lawn. It's not a nice neat rectangle, but a hotch potch of random bits
stuck together and hence I have the cable is always getting taffled up
either in my legs or shrubs.
I reckon a petrol mower would be a little excessive for our size lawn,
and as it's not a straight up and down job, would possibly be even more
awkward than an electric mower.
Has anyone got any suggestions? Not looking to spend more than £100
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They do make cordless electric mowers at different price points, but I don't know about price and availability in the UK.
Spend enough to get the right tool and it will make the job less of a burden.
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Pat Kiewicz
I know absolutely nothing about them but have you considered a rechargable electric mower since you dislike the cable Here's one Eckman 24-volt Rechargeable Lawn Mower in Garden, Accessories and Spring | Telegraph Shop
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Check the post of the guy here selling the Worx mower. Should be good for = you if he is in UK.
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