A new privacy wood fence after junk older one lasts 25 years Any new material ?

Are there any new materials used to build fences and decks? I want to replace the entire 300 foot fence and probably the floor of the deck. They are the usual treated wood with specialized posts and foundation.
I've seen an ad for some type of new non-wood deck surface material and it looked good. Anybody know if this material is good or bad? I do not have the magazine ad about this material, but it look impresive.
You can see below what happened when the original deck and fence were built. The deck at the time was built very well and passed inspection by the county. The inspector even said the work was excellent, as well as, conforming with the relevent building codes. Too bad they do not have codes for fences.
The fence is now going bad fast and the deck flooring needs repair or replacement. I cannot do either as a do-it-yourself project. My skill level is poor and I prefer to have repairs and replacemet done by experts.
Below is the story of the building of the deck and fence. It is not necessary to read the rest to answer my questions.
Way back when, I had a small company put up my deck and I asked if they would do a 300 foot privacy fence. Well, they did and their price was the lowest bid so I had them build it for me. After about two weeks large sections blew down and I struggled to get them to repair this major problem.
To make a long story short, I had to make a formal complaint to the consumer affairs department of the county, hire a lawyer, go to court, bring in expert witnesses, and have a trial before a judge. The best evidence I had were numerous black and white pictures showing the downed fence, nails not nailed all the way in, posts leaning in post holes, gates unable to open or close. Also, expert witnesses who did not charge for their services helped very much.
Mostly, I tell you this to warn others of possible consequences of hiring the wrong people. This one was the wrong one, who even gave me a contract and warrenty, but was absent when common sense, honesty and ethics were handed out.
My lawyer wanted the cost of the fence and cost of the deck since they were on the same contract. The judge awarded only the cost of the fence and cost of repairs already paid. I was able to salvage most of the fence by getting some repairs done and living with others undone. Further small repairs were done over the years. Now more repairs are needed and I want to have a new one. I've tried to grow trees and shrubs for privacy with mixed results. Poor drainage is a problem.
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