hi all Greetings and after

Greetings and after
I like to have the letter and you in the best of circumstances
I am a young Moroccan nationality Crown brother aged 18 Nohandh
More than two years now a patient Hadda disease has cost us a lot
because he
Classes require liquidation of blood per week of approximately $ 110
per week
We ask God that you do not Tbouklo us and your generosity
And help us as much as possible or you accept God shown the good
people such as yourselves
Or Dlohm us and dialing the good agents
We need any centimes, or by $ Tatnna
For more information, God bless you You
and medical reports in the hands Please do not reply we Ttakro
The telephone number 0021260755953
Home telephone 0021235573983
God Idzakm AA best
Moulay Youssef Moustaine
Zankah 39 No. house 33 oulad Alhaj aljadid errachidia Symbol 52000
Our hopes and large you
A bank account 164h302990
Attijariwafa bank
God Crown conciliation
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