Looking for Scott's Rake

Several years ago I purchased a rake that I believe was branded with the
Scott's name. It had a long yellow handle, and what made it unique was that
the head of it contained an insert into which you could plug any of several
head implements. In my case, I had a lawn rake, a spring leaf rake, and an
edging tool. Each implement was very heavy duty, with the insert piece made
of cast aluminum. I've had it for years, but recently moved, and in the
process, someone walked off from the garage with the rake handle and the
garden rake insert. I still have the other two attachments, and would love
to acquire a replacement. I don't see the rake on the Scott's website
anymore. I'm sure someone made the devices for them. Anyone know where I
might find such a thing? I checked eBay and came up empty there as well.
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Wayne Maruna
I find these laying about here and there a local hardware stores. I've never seen these at a big box store though, only at small ma and pa stores. They go under different names but it seems that the most popular maker on the net is Wolf garden tools.
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seems to be a company from the U.K. I'm sure if you looked around, they sell in the states also. Un-sure if their handels will fit your heads though. I suggest that you look at your tool heads again for manufacturing clues. Scotts makes nothing and they farm out those duties, so you may get luck and find a manufacturer name in small print somewhere on the tool. Then you can google it and hunt it down that way.
Btw, try froggle (part of google) to hunt down stuff. I've found many hard to find items with froogle.
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You were right on. I heard back from Scotts. They suggested Lowes who are now carrying a line by WulfGarten that is interchangeable with their previous tools. (I did not see them at our local Lowes here in small town America.). They also suggested Smith Farm & Garden (website of the same name which I am now off to check.) Thanks to both you and Sgt. Bilko (ten-hut!) for replying.
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Wayne Maruna
On 8/20/2005 6:55 PM US(ET), Wayne Maruna took fingers to keys, and typed the following:
I have one. Mine is a Burpee. Aluminum handle with yellow rubbery coating near the top half and a green end where the tools plug in. Also a green square button in the aluminum shaft above the tool connector. I checked the Burpee site and could not find *any* tools. They might have sold off that division.
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I called Scotts at 1-888-270-3714 and they are making refund for broke handle. Referred me to Smith Farm and Garden, Phone 1-800-992-6552 fo Snap Lock Tools. I also found "Interlocken Handles" at OMygarden.com. They had better shipping costs
-- GDent
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I found your post in my own search for more attachments for the Scotts handle-- I currently only have the 6" rake head, and my yellow 5' handle is in excellent shape-- used, but the original stickers are still on it. Can you and I come to some agreement? You either sell me your attachments or I sell you the handle/6" rake attachment?
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Old Scotts snap-lock garden ra
The rake handle and rake head were made by wolf garten, the parts are interchangeable. You can go to their Websight and order what you need or go to amazon they have wolf garten tools.
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