Lawn tractor thoughts, should i stop it.

HI all, First post here so hope its in the right place and the right
Basically i have a snapper elt140h33abv ride on lawn tractor (14HP front
engine) that is in good condition, but i am thinking can i do more with
Could I for instance use it to run a saw bench or log splitter, either
adding hydraulic pumps etc, flat belt pulley or add a PTO? I can
understand it not going to run any massive farm machinery.
See I'm in the process of add a simple tow-ball for moving trailers
about and towing wood round the back, and my mind is wandering to,
making a trailer, then making attachments to operate my father in-laws
sawbench and wood splitter and so on.
What your thoughts- should i wake up and smell the coffee and forget it,
or should i try to find out more (is anyone here got info). there seems
to be a bit about larger lawn tractors running attachments, and smaller
HP engines running saw-benches etc, and some using hydraulics (slower 2
stage pumps) more than PTO or belts.
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Your best bet would be to head on over to My Tractor Forum
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, where you will find people familiar with your particular tractor who can answer your questions. It's a terrific resource for anything to do with riding mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, and even actual farm equipment.
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Moe DeLoughan

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