Lawn Issue

Hello, can someone help. I have a lawn that is covered in the yellow
flower shown in the photo. What can I do to remove this?
Can someone give me some tips for a healthy lawn!
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Looks like oxalis. In which case there are herbicides for turf that will kill it. Look for one that is for tougher weeds like clover, oxalis, etc. The usual broadleaf weed killers don't work well on these. Usually takes a few applications with a sprayer to get it all.
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|+-------------------------------------------------------------------+Not oxalis. I think it is likely medic, in the clover family. The flowers are in little clusters. (Oxalis bears simple, open flowers with five petals.)
Medic a summer annual weed (in cold-winter climates), and a legume. Seeds very vigorously.
Indicator of: compacted soil, low nitrogen, close mowing or erratic mowing , irregular irrigation.
What you can do now: Hand pull (lift the strands back to the center of the patch) before it goes to seed.
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Pat Kiewicz

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