JD L-Series 2006 redesign

Does anyone know the rationale behind the John Deere L-Series riding
mower 2006 redesign?
The twin-cylinder 20HP engines were replaced by 1-cylinder 19HP AVS
(anti-vibration system) "John Deere" engines. ALL of the mower model
numbers were changed.
Was the 2005 model too well-made for the price (thus reducing profits),
or was it too poorly made (thus reducing reputation)? Does anyone
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L series are mostly sold in box stores and to keep the cost down to compete with cub and toro they "cheapened " them up a bit ..
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Garden Viking
Sense tells me that one cylinder developing almost the same HP as tw will most likely be quieter, smoother for the driver and mor economical (not that the economy of a riding mower is a massive issue)
-- jacobsdad
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Actually most 2 cylinder engines will be smoother and quieter than most single cylinder engines because they are much better balanced. Two smaller pistons moving in opposition to each other will cancel out a lot of vibration. That being said, a really well built single cylinder (Honda) up against a poorly built twin (older Briggs) would tend to show otherwise.
I believe the single cylinder that JD is using is built by Kawasaki and should be very high quality engine, comparable to a Honda.
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