Gas Powered Push Mower ISSUE

Last year, I bought a new gas powered push mower.
A major problem I have with this mower, that I NEVER
had with my old mower (gave it away), the grass clippings,
especially the very fine parts (about the size of saw dust)
sticks like "glue" to the underside of the mower. I had
tried, after a thorough cleaning, Turtle car wax. Then
something I bought at Lowe's made for this type of
PROBLEM, but the best thing I have found so far is WD40.
First I use "Crud Kutter" to clean the bottom of mower,
but this takes time to clean it. Afterwards, I use WD40,
and spray underneath all over. This is not the ideal solution,
but the best one so far. After I mow the grass, I have
to do this all over again (Crud Kutter and WD40) before
the next time I mow.
Does anyone know of a better method?
Thank You in advance, John
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How about ignoring it? So, there is some grass that sticks to the bottom of the deck. That's normal.
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I found, sometimes in the AM, when grass was just dewy, that it would stick to the mower.
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In, on Tue, 3 Sep 2019 08:35:01 -0400, Frank
I don't mow when it's dewy either.
These days, with my 1/20th of an acre (counting the house? I can't recall) I just don't look under the mower**. It's electric now fwiw. **I've solved several of my problems by not looking.
But in high school with a lot 100' by 300' it was also easy to look underneath because there was a car right there in the garage I could put the mower handle under. And at least once a year, I'd scrape off big chunks something like old dry 1/4" plywood, or thicker. I didn't mow when it was dewy then either. Maybe the Indiana grass had water inside it.
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