Fertiliser stripes!

Hi all!
My lawn seemed to have developed a lot of moss over the winter so about
4 weeks ago i applied evergreen complete 4 in 1 weed feed and moss
killer. I did it using the hand dispenser but I think not very well as I
now have a dark green / light green striped lawn! The dark green patches
seem to be growing very well and thickening up etc, but the lighter
green areas look a bit "anaemic" to say the least!
I'm looking for advice as to how I'm going to fix it. The packaging says
I can re-apply after 6 weeks so I was planning to do that but walk up
and down perpendicular to my first attempt. Does this sound ok? I'm
slightly worried that although the light green areas might "green up",
the dark green areas will get even darker leaving me with a slightly
darker but still stripey lawn!!! Is this likely to happen or will the
lawn become more uniform?
Any other ideas would also be great - thanks in advance!
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