anti-freeze protection

Got a big garden project I'm working on.
Need to install a 1" pipe loop around a large area.
Water will go in on one side.
There will be water usage on the other side, some of the time
Back toward the well (downhill side), I am thinking of having a swimming
pool pump, working through a 1" regulator, with thermostat switches which
come on when temp drop down to 35 degrees.
I'd like to think this will keep it from freezing. Theory being that it
will keep pushing water through the system.
Will this work out OK?
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This type of arrangement is used in places where it can freeze, but rarely does so and even if it does, the temp drops to maybe the high 20's and not for days on end. The water obviously most move through the whole system and usually there is a large source of water to work with, eg a swimming pool, that is well above freezing.
On the other hand, if you live in Minnesota, then it will fail. With just a closed loop in freezing temps and no temperate reservoir, physics says you are going to develop ice which will ultimately stop the pump. Other obvious problems are a power loss due to storms, breaker tripping, etc.
Is there a reason you can't just drain it for the winter? Also, it's not clear what you mean by "usage", but swimming pool pumps are designed for conitnuous volume and low pressure and not suited for a system where you want 50PSI at the end of a hose.
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