A tomato I think????

I've moved into a new home and I was weeding.
While weeding I found a tomato like plant. It has little green fruits
about 1 inch across all over it.
It is not too tall about 12' i think. It smells like a tomato. but I'm
not sure I've never seen a tomato quite like this one It is a singel
stalk with leaves and fruits taht grow off of that. Could it be
another member of the night shade family? It's not a tomotillo because
there are no papery skins around the small green fruits. Any help
would be apreciated. Oh yes the fruits are perfectly round .
Thanks New to IL. So i'm not aquainted with all of the native plants
yet. Never seen these plants in PA.
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David Carolus
It could be tomatoes or tommy toes. However if the fruit turns yellow don't eat them they are poison. I can't think of their name right now. When I was small we had tommy toes come up every year probably from full size tomatoes of the last year. They appeared in places though that I sometimes thought they were wild tomatoes. Sometimes the yellow things would show up. They didn't tase like the cherry tomatoes we see now. The tommy toes don't get too large neither do the yellow things.
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lil abner
d I was weeding.
Thanks That is a good possibility. My daughter just got home from school and confessed to me that she was making her own compost there and she thinks that they are small volenteers . I found a larger plant 2 ft tall and it seemes to be the same type. I'll watch them and if they turn yellow we won't eat them. I am very curious because the only vollenteers we've ever had were cherry tomatoes and one roma tomato. Thanks again now I'm going to start a search for the yelow things to see what I can learn. Sincerely Michelle
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David Carolus
and I was weeding.
Tomateos are from Mexico.
Volunteer tomato plants should be treated as weeds. Tomatoes are hybrids and will revert to the characteristics of one of their parent strains, losing what they were cross-bred for. Plant new seeds or obtain seedlings every year.
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I am not quite sure what it could be i am from north carolina and do not know much about plants but my mother has a green thumb so i will let her read this and get back with you.
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There was a nice article about tomatillos ("tommy toes" above) in a local paper. Described as fleshy, round, green with papery skin. Use for salsa. Best roasted over a fire.
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