can i replace the guts of my $$$ kitchen soap dispenser

Hard to say. I would imagine the guts of the soap pump are nearly or exactly the same as in a cheapo one-time-use hand soap dispenser. Just a ball valve with a spring, nothing more profound than that. I have actually fixed some $$ hand soap dispensers (not $$$ :-) perhaps it's an important difference) by transplanting the pump from a bottle of body lotion that was on its way to recycle bin. It was just the right diameter and length. So, you may want to try that as well - when you're just about to throw away anything with a hand pump in it, soap, lotion, that type of thing - try its guts and see if they fit. If you had to remove the spout, it may be more involved. If not, it may be a minute's worth of work to swap it.
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