My Moenstone sink just cracked when I drained boiling water through a colander.

While draining boiling water, we heard a loud POP! and my Moenstone sink had cracked. The crack goes all the way through to the underside--you can see light through it! Two questions: Has anyone had this happen and gotten any remedy from Moen? And second, Moenstone sinks are discontinued. Is there another sink of the same dimensions?
This is an undermount 33" x 22" sink with a curved back edge. And it's installed in my granite countertops. I'm just sick.
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Just had the same thing happen on a 14 year old sink. I was given a settlement choice but most likely will have to pay to recut granite. They gave us $650 credit on a new Moen sink or $300 cash to walk. Am searching for any sink that is close.
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