Supplier turmoil and shake-up

In the last 2 weeks, there have been a whole bunch of *MAJOR* changes
happening with several suppliers....
Noland has had RUUD yanked out from under them.... no great suprise there
considering their lack of business ethics. They now carry Nordyne. Talk
about garbage equipment... sheesh.
3-State Supply(they used to carry Nordyne) is supposed to be picking up
RUUD. Their closest branch is 110 miles away.
HD supply's HVAC division is being bought out by Watsco (Gemaire).
Watsco/Gemaire does not have a store within 70 miles of Hattiesburg....the
HD Supply plumbing div is looking like it will stay in H'brg, but nobody
knows whats gonna happen with the HVAC side of the house. Most of the upper
and middle management for HD Supply HVAC have already been cut loose, and a
bunch of stores closed.
Being as HD supply is the local Rheem distributor, I am in negotiations with
Acme Refrigeration in Slidell, LA (80 miles away) for them to be my Rheem
supplier. I gotta keep all my bases covered so I can continue to provide my
customers with the very best Rheem parts and equipment. An added bonus with
Acme is that they also carry ICP (Comfortmaker) which might be useful for a
low end line of equipment.
Ferguson is opening a branch here also. I am unfamilier with them and what
equipment brands they carry.
About the only 2 suppliers that have *NOT* been effected(that I know of) are
the Luxaire, and Carrier/payne/Bryant distributors.
Anybody else have stuff like this happening??
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Yea Steve it's happening around here [Indiana] also. Our long established York distrubutor [Duncan Supply] had the line yanked from under them a few months ago - York opted to associate with a larger distributor resource base in Indiana Supply, who had previously been exclusive Trane distributors for as long as I can remember. Trane is at the moment [who knows after the I-R acquisition is complete] distributed via a company owned branch that was established when they pulled out of Indiana Supply. Duncan Supply has since picked up the American Standard brand [which some rumors around here indicate is going to be either split from Trane or out right discontinued], the AS brand had previously been represented by Atlas Supply, being the small kid on the block, I don't think they have much more in the way of equipment to offer than Century - last I heard may have changed by now though.
FWIW, Ferguson in the Indiana/Kentucky regions are Rheem distributors. Pretty decent people to deal with in the limited experience I have had with them.
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You might have heard it a little bit wrong.
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Unless of course you meant "yanked out from under them by thier parent company".
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In the South Western U.S. has also had a big shake up. Fergeson around here is handling Trane in one area, and Day & Night in another [I know but they brought back the brand through ICP.] Our CARRIER distributor has taken on York, our York Distributor was Fergeson. CARRIER Mfg. took the branding away from the original distributor and has opened up their own distribution network like in the past [before 1985].
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It must be a trend. Here in No CA we've had just about all the Distributers shuffle around in the last few years. Ferguson just pushed out Western Air for the Trane line, that was a big buy out or force out as some have told me. York came back to town, after closing up and leaving a while back. The suppliers have been in a state of flux for almost all mfgs except for the Carrier guy, Val Air.
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