gas furnaces

Not even gonna click it man...thx anyways...something about alcohol abuse coming to mind already here.
== Perhaps surprisingly, I actually go though very little waste oil here 10 gallons in a good year perhaps...thing is though....what little I do end up with is generally so very heavily contaminated, mostly water but also having metal fines...
I do have a neighbor that has a fairly large mechanic shop, I would est at appx 5000 sf ( he is an excavating contracter )....has a waste oil heating system and he seems quite happy with it...hydronic withpex tubing in the floor...recalling (perhaps) a beckett pump...fairly large boiler...
Notably, seems to me like he's forever messing around....filtering, /de-watering, mixing, etc. all of the "free oil" that the local folks bring him..generally at least several barrels going on at any given time...each one at some various sundry stage of preparation prior to it's actual use....
So, what with my own waste oil being literally so messed up, better to just incinerate it here on-site or even pour it around the wooden fence posts to help keep em from rotting...this rather than risking fucking up his heating system.

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