Question about euonymous shrubs

I've mentioned before that I bought a house with a lot of landscaping already in place. This includes several euonymous shrubs, about which I know very little; in fact, being able to identify them is about the extent of it. A couple of them died this year (my first year here -- second summer), and one isn't looking great (significant areas of die-off).
I've noticed that the one that isn't looking great has some sort of "orbs" growing on it (they actually look sort of like mock oranges). They are a little smaller than a tennis ball. Are these some sort of fruit of the euonymous? Or some sort of gall, perhaps? If a gall, could these be part of the health problem the shrubs are apparently having? (Okay, I realize big galls could be a health issue -- I guess I'm asking whether there is some known problem like "euonymous gall disease.")
Any other tips for keeping healthy euonymous in zone 5 are also appreciated!
Thanks in advance, Jo Ann
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