Planning for fall bulb planting

Hi- I want to plant a bulb garden this fall. I live in San Antonio zone 8B. It does not get really cold here so I don't want bulbs that need to be chilled like tulips. I'd like to plant it and forget it except for feedings. I understand there is a concept of planting several bulbs in one hole and they bloom at different times. That sounds great but does it work in reality? Any suggestions? Right now I have bearded iris, about 3 daylilly, many glads, and a couple of amarillus. What else would you suggest? Would Narcissus work? I think of small paperwhites as Narcissus. I don't remember seeing many daffodills here but would they work? My dad used to plant lillies of the valley but I never see them for sale...Is there another name? Any help would be appreciated. Judy Zone 8B
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