Persistence of plants

Here in So. Calif coastal, which normally has a boringly <g> consistent weather pattern, we are experiencing some of the short-term effects of climate change.**** Flluctuations undreamed of in the [censored] years I have been gardening here.
Very hot spell in early Spring, followed by a very cold spell, followed by short-term fluctuations throughout the summer and into our "winter". Down to the '40s at night, followed by 80 degree beach weather, followed by... You get the picture.
Some of my summer plants are so confused that they continue to valiantly bear fruit, despite the occasional very cold (for this region) night.
A valiant pair of volunteer cucumbers are holding their own, slowly but persistently.
Tomato vines are bearing, also slow but sure.
Strawberries also bearing; not a lot, but hey, I'll take what I can get.
Meantime the "winter" veggies like beets and spinach are plodding along very slowly.
And they say plants have no personalities!
***PS: Highly recommended: "Science as a Contact Sport" by the late (died in July) great, much-lamented climate scientist Steven Schneider. Gives the skinny on the efforts of legitimate scientists (as opposed to the stooge scientists fielded by corporate-funded think tanks like the Marshall Institute) over the last more than 30 years to get the attention of policy-makers to what is happening to Planet Earth. So far, greed, hunger for power, and in some cases religious fanaticism, are insuring that our children and grandchildren will inherit a much less hospitable Earth. "Apres Moi, le Deluge" is the Congressional slogan.
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