OT to the max: Call it catharsis

From a British news review. I am never in the same continuum with these beings, but accidentally clicked on a link and was frozen incredulous...and yet they do co-exist with us on the same planet -- I think...
=========================================Loves MySpace ramblings
CAN ANYONE decipher Courtney Love's latest posting on her MySpace page? She seems to be complaining about plastic surgery she had on her mouth, but it's really anybody's guess...
"my mouth still looks wonky, i think i gott go back to paris tot he dr, hes nit a cosmetic surgeon he just fixes bad surgery and also cleft palates and serious shit its nbot really vanity hes conservtive, wich we like... i just wnt the mouth god gave me back, it was perfectly cute. and i had nice big lips as Gwyneth says when i was "Out Sick" ( genius phrase) ... i have to restore myself to not looking ridiculous, idont care if im prettty or ugly or jo de lie wich is what i apretty much am ( french for ugly pretty- theres no english word fo rit and im sure im nots pelling it right)..."
The expression's jolie laide, Courtney. And you'll find spellcheck on the Tools menu.
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