Need advice growing Sandspurs/helping fireants

Need advice growing Sandspurs/helping fireants
I live in the Tampa Bay area and need to cultivate sandspurs on the turf portion of my lot. What is the best way to start a sandspur grassplant from spurs? I just collected a quart worth of green and brown spurs from the local beach access and want to get them started soon.
Also, I am interested as to how to best transplant a colony of fire ants, once again, on my property. In this case, what conditions would most encourage the queen to nest in my turf in a particular area.
Thanks in advance.
Oh - In case you are wondering why, here's the background. I live on a corner lot and there is a particular neighbor that insists on parking his vehicle on the piece of my property that is part of the streetside public easement. It all started when he was first constructing his house and he parked trailers there, with the understanding that after construction was finished, he would reseed the strip and get the stuff off. It's been two years now and even though the trailers are gone, he parks his truck there all the time. His new rationale (despite having his own 2 car garage and a driveway) - it's public property in the easement (eventhough I pay to maintain it) and the cops tell me its OK to park there. Part of the rationale is also because we are snowbirds, we aren't there, so there. Not only is this guy doing it, but other neighbors think it's OK too.
There's not too much I can do with the strip of land, since it is part of the public easement, so I figure sandspurs and fireants could make it a little less appealing for parking(heh heh) and I still remain within my rights and responsibilities as a property owner and good neighbor.
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