Late planting suggestions....

We're in zone 6a (SW Ohio). After some extensive yard work, I have a few pots open for plantings and will soon have a small bed (6' x 1.5') as well. I hate to let them all sit vacant all autumn and winter long, especially since things don't typically get TOO nasty until late December to early January. :)
Any suggestions on some plants I can put in these containers and such that might do well? The containers are concrete so they'll grab the heat of the day to keep roots warm through the night and with leaves falling from the trees they all get a fair amount of sunlight as well. I also have some strawberry pots (terra cotta, "holes" in the sides) I was thinking of putting something in as well.
Just wanted to add a little variety, maybe a splash of color -- hate to have these just sitting empty! :)
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