I did it again(this one's for you, Cereus-validus)

Walked over to it and poked it carefully with a chop-stick and sure enough, my subtle feelings were dead on.............it was dead
i have to decide whether some cacti of mine are dead (they look to be in rigor mortis (at best) they haven't done a thing for > 1.5 years ... but i'd hate to kill them if they are still *alive*) I know what you mean, today I was watering (you could hear the remaining survivors all over the house gasping and croaking their disbelief that the drought MIGHT be over.............LOL) and I found yet ANOTHER one dead and resembling life............and yes, I did the chopstick test.............roflmao.................
what's the chop-stick routine?
I takes a chop stick, and goes over and pokes the cactus and if it goes all the way in thru the spines, it's mushed out and even started drying, but resembles life still...........I poked the other one and damnit, the chop stick went thru the skin indicating I'd lost it and I've had THAT one for over 15 years.........sigh, fungus might be the death dealer, added to that my warm and dry house, and forgetfullness of watering.............. if the chop stick hits resistant cactus flesh ( I don't SHOVE it, I poke it tenderly to see if it gives or what) I know it's alright and hope I've pushed it thru another winter.
(btw my condolences for your cactus:)
thank you, the compost pile will be most pleased to get the roughage...........I can hear it's hunger grumbles from here (needing to empty that pail of that kitchen slop too, which would be the perfect mix of dry (dead cacti) and wet (kitchen glop)...........off to the pile!!!!!!!!!!!!
, the house was consistantly 76-78 degrees, and dry. (heat pumps do that, dry out the air badly)
by the way, just for sayings sake, the warmest the house has been is 78. The coolest it is is around 70, with my nook at a constant, (can you hear me Travis?) CONSTANT temperature of 57o F. The nook has no heat, just windows, sits over that carport I described in my response to him earlier, a think layer of insulation between the studs and behind paneling walls and not drywall. The floor has no insulation under it, as it sits exposed to the winds that whip thru the carport. We've hung a tarp to close off the south corner as the opening made it even colder with the north winds ripping thru to the other side. So to say the house is at 78o is kinda nice when I've been sitting here at the computer where my toes are numb.......(that's why I have a ceramic heater under the desk to warm the space for a bit before shutting it back off) east window and south window and window in door are all that lets in light, with the back room thru the doorway that faces the north woods at my back. This nook stays cold. I know this because I have an Accurite thermometer that measures the outside and inside temperatures and gives me maximums and minimums to compare. As well as humidity. The house is dry because the meter says 30% usually.
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