flower devourer i.d.?

Two flower-consuming pests are now appearing in my garden. Each is very selective in its diet and will only consume flowers of one species. (There are no leaf problems.) They're both causing a great deal of damage and I'm hoping someone has some identification ideas.
The first is consuming beebalm flowers. They appear to be very tiny segmented larvae, various wee sizes, mostly white, that move very quickly when I poke around in the flower head. They twine around the stamen organs and the flowers shrivel and collapse. I've been removing them with tweezers but that's become Sisyphean.
The second is consuming both the disk and ray flowers of my Shasta Daisies. The pests appear to be black elongated teardrop-shaped critters with legs. They're too tiny to see any other details.
Ideas, please? Thanks....
Tyra nNJ usa z7
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