Does anyone know where in the SW you can purchase a "Japanese" or "Indian" ladder style trellis?

My neighbor stopped in and wants a larger one like mine, where did I get it? I suggested it would be easy to make one if you knew how to cut the chinks, find the right kind of lashing cord and tie the knots right.
Well, I found mine in some neighbor's trash. They could have gotten it anywhere, suggested they may have brought it back from travelling somewhere. My neighbor said he saw some like this or similar in Santa Fe or somewhere in the SW US when he was travelling, it kind of reminds me of an Indian ladder.
Anyone ever seen a trellis (or ladder) like this or know of a source to purchase one? I googled all over the web, and they are either rustic bent twig usually willow, lashed bamboo or the more traditional ones. One person could be making them and marketing them somewhere. Mine seems to be lashed with sinew, and I found on the web how to tie the knots and think they wouldn't be too hard to make, but he wants one like mine only about twice as tall, mine is about 3 feet or a little more.
I thought I read somewhere that Japanese use this type of trellis, although I would suppose the would use bamboo and this is definitely made out of some kind of wood with the bark stripped off, roughly hewn, and shellaced or varnished, well the photo pretty much says it all.
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