Anyone else? Help with identifying/locating houseplant - TRYING AGAIN

Could someone please help me? I have been trying to get some information about a particular plant that I am looking for. Somehow, in spite of a polite response that pointed out that I am NOT looking for Tradescantia zebrina and Zebrina pendula , "Cereus-validus" insists on pointing out my horticultural ignorance for inquiring about this plant (I wasn't). He also changed my name from Christine to "Babe."
A copy of the interchange follows. If anyone has information about the plant I'm trying to identify and locate I would be most grateful. Thank you in advance.
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Years ago I had a plant I loved. With a quick glance, it gave the impression of a hanging spider plant, only because of the coloration which was light green and white/cream stripes.
It's growth habit was more like a "wandering jew" (Tradescantia zebrina) - hanging, and growing from the tips, rather than a central point as a spider plant does. The leaves were long and thin, almost ribbon-like, with gently rounded tips. The hanging stems often angled somewhat at some of the leaf-nodes, making these nodes look a little bit elbow-like. I remember that slips rooted easily in water.
Is this description ringing a bell? Can anyone tell me the name of this plant or where I might purchase one - or have a slip to spare? Any help in tracking it down would be appreciated!
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Have you looked in the more exotic type stores such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowes?
Its such a common plant in the horticultural trade, you really shouldn't be having any trouble finding it.
Tradescantia zebrina used to be called Zebrina pendula.

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