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B > As a result of two major renovations and an upgrade to 200A service it B > seems that the handwritten identification of circuit breakers is quite B > incorrect. B > B > Finally I decided the time has come to identify them and label them B > correctly for easier location when a particular circuit needs to be B > switched off. B > B > I tried one of the cheapie circuit breaker wands from HD and needless B > to day it didn't work very well at all and was returned. I then B > searched the internet and finally purchased a GB Instruments GET1200 B > Circuit Tracker pair. It seemed to offer a cord mounted wand with a B > narrow pointer connected to a receiver with about 12 LED's for signa B > strength and it appeared I was all set to go. B > B > This morning I actually had to change a ceiling fixture so the power B > needed to be cut. Great! I plugged in the separate transmitter in a B > wall outlet in that room and went to the basement with my receiver and B > cord mounted wand. Boy - was I read to solve all my electrical B > problems. B > B > Unfortunately, the received indicated that EVERY circuit breater in B > the main box was "THE ONE" I was looking for. The audio and visual B > indicators couldn't have been stronger. There's got to be something B > wrong. Finally I removed the transmitter module from the wall socket B > in the particular in question and to my surprise, still each breaker B > was indicated "The One". I think there must be some serious B > interference causing this. B > B > So, does anyone have any experience with the product and in eighther B > case, are there any electricians reading that can elighten me as to B > why there is so much interference? B > B > What was going to be a rather simple task has now turned disappointing B > and troublesom.
I would use the identifier device AND any circuit labelings as a guide, even after all the circuits have been identified. What if the circuit breaker controlling the circuit you are working on doesn't disconnect as it should when you flipped it off? What if there is a wiring error (red and black lead become shorted -- now two circuits became one). What if all the outlets in "north bedroom" are on one circuit EXCEPT for one?
As for the identifier device indicating all (or several) circuit breakers are the source for a particular outley, yes, can happen: the wiring for your circuit became entangled with another circuit or two, causing the signal to appear on several circuit breakers.
I use the circuit tracer here as a guide; and yes, there are a couple of circuit breakers which appear to control the same outlet.
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