wild tomatillo over winter question

Hi All,
Now that I have grown tomatillo for three years, they
love to grow all over the place, but not where I
want them. They love to grow up in the middle of my
cherry tomato jungle, among other places.
I have also noticed they really, really don't like
to be transplanted. I use peat cups. I plant the
cups into my pots. Sowing directly is the most successful
This years I was thinking that after clearing my ground pots
of weeds. Then prepping the six holes I want to grow
tomatillos with fertilizer. Then taking some of the fruits
that were almost ready when the freeze came, smashing them
under foot and covering them with a little dirt on the
targeted ground pots to overwinter.
Your thoughts?
Many thanks,
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T wrote: ...
use a deeper/longer cell to start them in.
may work ok, but vary the depth of the dirt.
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