Am I the only one?

Hi All,
I have been prepping my beds for over winter planting.
Means I add peat moss, fertilizer, and turn the soil.
In the process, I pick out and toss rocks I missed
the prior season.
Each rock, I examine to see if it is a piece of gold.
Yes, wishful thinking. I can't help myself. Am I
the only one that does this?
Yes, I am 12 years old! Or was.
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We live in the Houston, Texas area, we seldom have a very cold winter, so, we continue to garden over the winter. We still have sweet peppers producing that were planted last March. That being said they won't last much longer due to temps getting down into the low fifties already and there may be some freezes on the way. Still, we are now at 62F and are expecting 82 by mid afternoon.
I can laugh at the finding gold, one of my uncles, in California and Colorado, took me gold hunting a couple of times. Had fairly good results panning in a river in California, I got about two ounces of gold dust, which didn't sell for much when I was a young teen. Also helped my uncle one summer at the Colorado mine. It was hard rock, pick axe, mining into the rock. Gold back then, as now is going along with the value of the US dollar, which isn't much anymore. But gold is still gold so go for it. If you stop hoping you might as well quit.
George, woke some good memories, all the elders of my family have been long gone and I miss them.
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George Shirley
T wrote:
i don't have such rocks here, but in many of the gardens i have crushed limestone pieces or pea gravel that has migrated into the gardens via different means and so i will pick them up and put them back into the pathway where they came from or if it is a particularly interesting rock (fossil or good color or pattern) i'll keep it for the collection.
similar to sorting beans, odd colors and patterns get sorted into their own little piles.
p.s. i would not put fertilizer on soil that doesn't have something actively growing. you don't want valueable stuff to wash away or get soaked in past the root zone of the plants that might use it.
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I am about to plant onions. I was thinking I was letting the microbiome settle down while I waited for the seeds and bulbs to arrive.
Gave it a little water too. Basically I am pampering the little buggers. A healthy microbiome is as essential as fertilizer. I may be overthinking it.
I did not use a lot of fertilizer.
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If I could charge for rocks, I'd be rich! My garden is was bottom of Ancient Lake Lahontan.
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Tons of round rocks of all sizes. All the nutritional content of the moon.
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