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g'day david,

not sure about other states in australia? but imagine they won't be far different. under the new water regulations the gov' owns 90% of the water that falls on you property that's any property. and now with the setting up of the ready to be sold water districts in sth/east qld, and once sold to profit takers these factors will come into play. i would imagine that te gov will ahve ways say via sattelite imagary to determine how much of the rain that falls on you property that your garden and you might use, so then they would levy you against that above 10% usage.
those of us who put in a tank and claimed the rebate (that makes us known on records, so even those who didn't claim will come under the spell of the water owners) are likely to be levied with an annual fee for having a tank.
the irresponsible irrigation of unsuitable crops has little to do with water ditribued in the cities, that's the side of agriculture that runs incontrolled, they simply say if you want food this is what we must do. and any charges levied against them gets added to the cost o the food produced.
lots of controlling of whether people can put dams in or how many they can have and fees being paid for a license to put a dam in etc.,. already happening and has been for over the alst decade here in qld and from what i've head victoria as well.
utilities should never be turned into commodities they should e retained by teh people and managed for the people, and having the right to use fresh wate responsibly should remain that a rite. once commoditised it then can become too expensive for the poor to afford.
a person move to a property west of ipswich and wanted to start a native plant nursery and where not allowed to as they has no water of their own for irrigation, and also where not permited to put in a dam, so teh rules are already bitting someone somewhere, saw about a decade agao a victorian farmer wanted to put in a dam and was prevented from doing so until he paid the approprite fee. also a bloke west of the downs out in teh middle of the scrub put a dam in without seeking permission, thinking out here no one will drive by and see it, the local council paid him a visit armed with sattelite pics which they produced when he told said office he didn't have a dam.
water is a rite to every person on the planet as i see it, yes that we must use it wisely is another story. our usage here is less than 50 litres per person a day, the control target is 200 l/p/d, to us that encourges waste. the gov does not own any water as such.
and in time as they tighten up for profits sake what you do with grey water will come under the light.
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gardenlen wrote:

But does that apply to non-rural areas? I doubt it.
and now with

That's not how it's done in NSW and I suspect alsewhere. The 10% is approximated by a formula which arrives at a rate per hectare depending on the rainfall of the district, this multiplied by the number of hectares you have then determines the maximum volume of water you can impound.

I think this is just speculation.

The crazy thing is that most of the cotton and rice I mentioned is for export. The situation is different in the MIA as Ross said.

There is no license fee for a dam in NSW

Len with respect you have this completely backwards. We have had 150 years of treating water a "free" and that has got us into this mess. Any time you are doing a business case the cost-benefit analysis will lead you to over use any resource that is too cheap. To ensure that water is put to good use it must have a realistic price at least for commercial situations.

I would like to know the details, I suspect there may be more to this.
saw about a decade

The local council is not responsible for enforcing water laws it will be a department of the State Gov. But they do use satellite images to check up on dams.

More speculation
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