tip on squash bugs

Hi All,
Yesterday, I put the knee pads on and got down on the dirt to
prune off the extra zucchini pants from my holes. The plants
I kept were the large ones at about 10" tall.
I noticed that in the heat of the day, steams at the root had
a bunch of unwelcome visitors. Squash bugs. The big overwinter
ones. These guys job, besides the over winter thing, is to seek
out new squash plants, copulate, and lay eggs, starting the
cycle over again.
So I got out my soap spray and now I won't have eggs to deal
with. I will check again every day for about a week. This
is a TON easier done when the plants are small.
And these big guys, when it is hot, don't move real fast.
They are easy to nail with soap spray. And the small
pants make it easy to work around.
Death to Squash Bugs!
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T wrote:
good to know! :)
here's a link to a good article on various things to try that someone posted in another place i hang out for garden chatter.
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