The benefit of spreading your genestock around...

Last winter I killed all my tarragon. French, does not make seeds, you need a division or sprig.
Ever since I got it started, I've been foisting splits off on people - tarragon likes to be dug up and split every 2-3 years at least, so this is easy to do. I contacted one of the folks I'd given a piece years ago, - nope - enjoyed it for a few years and then it fizzled out (I explained about it needing splitting it regularly, but I guess that didn't process.) So much for that. Various other people had moved, etc. I thought it was gone for good.
But, last year I had given the saddest little tarragon in the garden to someone, not expecting much but hoping for the best. Evidently it got happy there. So last night I got two stalks with roots off it that were bigger than the whole plant had been when given away, trimmed them and plunked them in the garden, and stuck 27 sprigs in rooting medium under lights inside.
I'll keep a few more in more different places around the garden, NOT mulch them so deep (what appeared to do them in last year) and I'll keep giving the stuff away to as many folks as possible.
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