Taters in the ground

  I should have had them planted at least 2 weeks ago , but the ground
has been too wet to plow (grin) so I waited . This is my first real
effort to cultivate taters , I planted some reds for new potatoes (and
mature ones too) and some tan ones for long term storage for the winter
. I also checked out the strawberry patch , there will be berries this
year . I had about a dozen plants that were off the area I want them
confined to , so I dug those up and filled in some thin spots . They
were thin because an oak tree was shading that area - it's firewood now
. Other trees around the garden have joined it and more will be as I
figure out the shade patterns . We can spare a few of the 12,000 or so
trees we have ... and there are a few around the orchard that need to go
too .
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Terry Coombs
My wife planted the potatoes a few days ago. Yesterday, she planted seven r hubarb plants in the raised bed that was the strawberry bed for a few years .
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