Hi All,
SNV8470 Organic Tomatillo, Pineapple (Ground Cherry)
forty seeds planted: zero germination
SNV8414 Organic Summer Squash, Ronde de Nice
twenty seeds planed: two germinated
SNV8245 Organic Squash, Summer Early Straightneck
fifteen seeds planted: one germinated
SNV4112 Renee's Garden Scallions Delicious Duo
a full package planted: two germinated and both died
(Walmart's Scallions sprouted like crazy)
SNV8334 Organic Onion, Valencia
Full package planed: one sprouted and died
Looks like no tomatillos and no squash this season.
I will try replanting from Burpee, but our growing
season is so short and I have already lost a month
(zone 6c).
I would say to stay away form these folks:
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nde de Nice
rly Straightneck
I am shocked when a zuck seed does not sprout. These guys must be a bunch of real screw ups!
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In article T writes:
I had a very strange experience with tomatillos (first time I've planted them). I planted 4 pots indoors, and only one had sprouts. A couple weeks later I put that tray on the porch so the plants could adjust before I found time to set them in the ground. In a couple days, the other 3 pots had plants.
Very strange.
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Drew Lawson
Tomatillos even survive my Black Thumb! I have had them reseed for two years after I grow them. All over the place -- not where I want them though.
Last year's failed as I was doing an experiment with them. This year was just bad seeds.
I have new squash and tomatillos seeds coming from Burpee.
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IMPORTANT: tomatillos do not self pollinate. To get any fruit, you have to have two or more plants. And put them close enough together so they can pollinate each other. I put mine two feed apart. You will also notice that they will branch into each other. I presume it is for pollination.
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