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> additional cameras here:
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not too bad today, yesterday was a bit more
icy out there so we didn't walk. rained a lot
and the ground was frozen so we have puddles
waiting to soak in.
today we should be getting out for a walk in
a bit.
not much else going on here, been working on
various website toys to see which i like.
for the blog/projects section:
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is looking nice enough and useful enough that
i may keep this tool (hugo using the academic
for the gallery section:
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(hugo using the phugo theme)
but i don't like it so i'm learning something
else which will eventually look more like what
i would want. (metalsmith and various plugins)
gonna take me a whiles...
don't hold me to finishing anything, as it seems
i sometimes start these projects and then figure out
i'd rather do something else. :) or i get interrupted
and side-tracked.
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I have just got around to looking at the anthive links and they both 404 the main page is still there and the links there still work.
Nothing vital and currently too hot to be outside,
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Bloke Down The Pub
everything that was under test is now the main page. aka "It's Live Baby!" :)
i'm now working on grouping the pictures in the flower project into their own projects so eventually the flower project will be either gone or redone to be just flowers or something... at the current rate i'm going that might be done around Christmas.
i ran into a bug in the photo editing program i am using so out of curiousity i decided to take a break from pictures and wondered if i could get a more recent version of the program to compile and run here. a few days later i finally figured out all the magic words and have a development version running. i've not been this geeky in a long time so it's been fun.
same for the vital part. too warm too early here. we walked yesterday and didn't need hats, scarves or gloves. nice sunny day.
might get outside this week to putter in the yard somehow. today is looking to be warm again but we have a family thing here so that's not gonna happen.
hope you are getting enough rains down there in Antipodianland? we've hardly had any snow this winter (more rain).
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