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When last we left our heros, on Mon, 30 Jun 2003 10:00:05 -0400,

S'ok, we all miss click once in a while, and your name is familiar enough that I didn't mistake you for someone trying to sell me generic Viagra Without! Prescriptions! for my penis, which was recently enlarged through the application of ancient Taoist's seeekrit techniques.

Erm, I think it's the pepper that's mini, not the plant. I tried to grow some a while back, and the plants were small as opposed to a habenero or Marconi pepper, but not what I would call dwarf. I tried the chocolate bells, and they were tasty, but truely only a good mouthful per pepper.
A regular sized bell pepper that grows on a small plant is a Buran pepper. It's a Polish heirloom that I got from Seed Savers.
I'd give them a big thumbs up! Good flavor, and popping out peppers all over the smallish plants. They produced all summer and into fall for me last year. This year they're covered in green peppers, but I'm a believer in letting peppers get ripe, so I haven't picked any yet.
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I have an A-frame seed starting contraption that my father built me. Top row has one row of Fluorescent lights, second row has two, bottom has three. The shelves and lights come off so that it can be folded up after the seedlings are planted. It's a handy thing.

below 40F. I'd rather deal with the heat and humidity now than the kinda cold you get in the winter.
Pam, although one of my dogs would like to live in year 'round snow.
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