nice to see the sun

...for a change. the past week we've started to
see the normal change of the seasons come along.
4 tornadoes last Thursday to the SE of us,
nobody hurt that i know of but some damage, heavy
rain, and then the double rainbow. now the snow
is mostly gone, still cold enough at night to
none of the early flowers up yet, but perhaps
will see them within the next week or two. with
the heavy snow/ice layer on the slopes around the
house i wasn't too willing to try to get out and
do much until it was safer to walk on. so today
i could look at the strawberry patch to see if
any plants had made it through the winter and it
looks good or at least i see green leaves in
there. i'll know better in a few weeks once we
get enough warmer days to get them to start
poking out more leaves.
otherwise it is life as usual here. sorting
beans and trying to get the collection
consolidated and figuring out what i will try to
plant this year - what projects to work on...
i finally decided to get enough containers with
lids to make it much easier to sort so that i
don't have to buy them 50 at a time. that was
slowing me down.
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