More rain

At least it's not flooding at the moment. Skies have been overcast all day and there's a nice, light rain falling.
The crowder peas have pretty much taken over the garden, runners up to ten or twelve feet long. I keep putting them back on the trellis but they keep climbing. If I plant more next year I may set up an overhead trellis and I can pick easier then. Only a few pods get ripe each day so we're picking, shucking, and storing for later canning. The ripe peas are pretty tasty raw too.
We've about got enough cucumbers ready to start making a big batch of pickle relish from the "So Easy to Preserve" recipe. That one is a favorite with the whole family and we're down to two pint jars in the pantry and half a jar in the refrigerator so we're getting anxious. <G>
One yellow squash plant was hit by borer's so we bought another plant, it will probably go down the same road. The one, very large, zucchini plant is huge and just now putting on a bloom or two. Doesn't really matter as we froze so much squash of both kinds last year we can still eat squash almost daily. I put the squash up as shredded for bread, slices for cooking and eating or adding to casserole's.
The fig tree is safe under it's netting so we don't have to worry about the mockingbird's for awhile. Have also netted the tomatoes as those rascals will peck them to get the seeds. There must be hundreds of those critters around here. Mostly they nest under the hangover of the roofs in most of the houses here. I got the ladder out the first year here and put hardware cloth on those places and haven't had problems. Between the mockers and the barn swallows lots of our neighbors have nests everywhere. I helped out the folks next door after they decided walking in swallow poop to get into the house was a bit much. When the swallows left last fall we pressure washed the nests off the second story overhang of the front door. When they came back this year we hit their nests a few times and they gave up. I like swallows because they eat mosquitoes out back at the retention pond. I think if we get a few neighbors together and make swallow houses back there they will go there instead of under the roof housing. It's either that or charge the darned things rent.
Went to my old high school yesterday for the annual reunion of old people. It's hard to believe that I graduated fifty-nine years ago last month. Lots of good people were there and all of them are good cooks. Bad part was driving two hours in a driving rain to get there and then repeating the same trip two hours coming back. The rain quit as we pulled up to the garage door. I did sleep very well last night though. Part of I10 is now a 75 mph zone and I was way over in the outside lane driving much slower than that. Lucky we didn't see a multi-car wreck as some of the car drivers were doing more than 75. The truckers and I stayed way out of their way. I'm still tired and my hands are still trying to hang onto the steering wheel even if it's not in here. <G> I must be getting old.
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