Hi All,
I just cleared two areas of failed stuff. It will sit
idle till next spring.
Well, not quite so idle. My microbiome will still be there.
Do I need to water my microbiome every so often? Or
just ignore the little guys?
Many thanks,
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T wrote:
you have 30 or more days, you can grow radishes, buckwheat, field peas, turnips, etc as a cover crop. if you don't eat them just leave them in place until spring. that will feed your soil and keep your soil community active enough.
if you don't want to do that, give it a squirt of water and put some cardboard over it. will keep the weeds down and hold the moisture in better than if you left it bare.
pretty much any time you can you should grow something (harvesting free energy from the sun and turning it into organic matter) and not have bare soil. it also helps to hold any extra nutrients in place so they won't get wasted/washed/blown away.
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