Hi All,
Three of my four Choke Berries (not cherries) are thriving.
The fourth died on me.
I read that Choke Berries can able propagate with clippings.
So, I clipped about an eight inch branch off the biggest one,
removed the leaves from the bottom four inches and stuck it
in the ground (where the dead one use to reside) up to about
four inches.
All the leaves died. But the branch is still green for over
two weeks now, so I keep watering it.
What should I have done differently?
Many thanks,
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Lightly scraped the bark on the lower 2"-3" , dipped it in rooting hormone , and planted it in a small flower pot . Water well , then cover loosely with a plastic bag to retain moisture . Wait .
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Terry Coombs
and keep it mostly (95%)in the shade.
where T's at is likely to cook about anything in the sun...
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Ya, no fooling. Cooler actually that California's central valley. We are the "high" desert.
This one gets some shade from a Ponderosa pine and a fence.
The branch is still green, so ...
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