Today, we went into the garden. A mostly ignored neglected place that we had high hopes for last spring. We found a few edible things, and thigh high weeds.
BUT, along the wall were lots and lots of grapes. Some as small as a dime and smaller with a couple of hundred on a cluster. Then some big honkers bigger than a quarter, some of them turning purple and very sweet.
These vines were planted probably three to five years ago. They have had no care in the last two.
I want to get in there just as soon as it cools off, and till out the whole thing and do it right next year. I have had gardens, but this year, listened to SWMBO's schemes, and we ended up with a winter's supply of food. If we were cows. Next year will be different, as she has seen that gardens require a person to go in at LEAST once a week, and more if you want more and better stuff. But like most gardeners, they get bit hard, and then it wears off in a week.
I could use some sites that make understanding pruning grapes simple. Also watering and fertilizing. I've been reading some of the top sites listed on Google, but would like some that have pictures, so I can associate what's being said. I think if I go in this fall and cut back and build proper trellises that I can have a pretty good crop of grapes this coming year. We all like grapes, so I might even get some help.
Our peaches are ripening, and that tree had seven boxes of very sweet peaches last year. And I think we have three almonds. ;-)
Thanks in advance.
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