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Hi All,
It is getting time for me to replant my garlic.
I will probably be fertilizing the soil a week before hand
with this guy unless you guys tell me otherwise:
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Would you just spread it on top, or plow it under?
Many thanks,
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T wrote:
when something says "Fast Acting" that means it is best used when the plant is actively growing.
garlic will put out roots to start in the fall and then may stay fairly dormant if the weather is too cold to put up new growth above ground.
so, much of what you may or may not see with foliage is really weather/climate related. the main growth though will come with warmer weather in the spring and that would be when any ferts would be needed or applied. IMO.
of course, with a healthy garden soil you will not need to apply constant fertilizers.
i apply my worm compost/worms in a garden where i will grow the heaviest feeding plants (tomatoes) and then rotate plant through that for a few years before considering reapplying.
as i am trying to improve two gardens which both have very poor garden soil the past few years most of the worm compost/worms have been going into those two gardens and i plan to continue that for next season too. any place i've been able to add the worms/worm compost the plants have done better (mostly visible the 2nd season in those areas). i use these gardens for beans.
right now i'm waiting for the beans to finish up so i can do some work on the largest of the two gardens to make it easier to work in there. there's some drain tubes and pea gravel in there that i will be removing as i don't think they're really accomplishing much and i want to level it out intead of having the slopes on the sides that i currently have. it's too hard to get some things done with those slopes in the way. and the pea gravel can be used for another project which is underway. :)
busiest time of the year...
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Thank you!
"Fast Acting". Ha! Sounds like marketing speak to me. I never trust those types of statements. Nothing in marketing is what it seams.
When the time comes, do I dig it in or just pour it on?
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