Cubic Pumpkins

This year's pumpkin crop is coming along nicely, with quite a few fruits fo
rming already. I was thinking of making a box with 2x6 lumber and putting a
pumpkin inside while it is small. As it grows, it should conform to the si
ze and shape of the box and end up as a cube. Or maybe a rectangular solid.
Has anyone ever tried anything like this? Would I be considered guilty of
squash abuse if I did so?
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We did that once with watermelons, worked pretty good. Some of the melon grew sort of funny when they got above the top of the box. Our children, now in their mid-fifties had a lot of fun with them. They tasted like any other melon but were square or, when they went out of the box they had a hat. I regret never taking pictures of them.
We grew ladled squash one time and put a box around the bulb part to make square ladle's. Sold the whole crop at the farmer's market.
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George Shirley

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