Beginnings , 2016

Today I planted bok choi , spinach , and romaine out in the garden . In keeping with my new no-till experiment , I loosened the soil in the row I wanted to plant with a fork , and worked a little 13/13/13 into the loosened soil . I also planted some hollyhock and borage seed , for the bees - not in the garden , out in the orchard and along the power line easement . More to come as the weather warms , a lot of stuff can't be planted until April 15th (last frost) or so . Indoor seedlings are all doing well except (sigh) for the damnable anaheim peppers . This is 3 years running I've tried , still no success . I have decided to try an old pot growers trick , put some in a wetted paper towel in a ziplock , they're on top of the sat receiver where it's warm . If I can get them to germinate , I will move them to a 6 cell starter tray .

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