alcoholic shallots/onions

Hi All,
Okay, the stalks are dying on my first ruin of
shallots. Time to pick them.
Now the first dead stalk I pulled out produced
four beautiful shallots (they come in fours and
break apart at the root). I washed the dirt off
them, and put the to dry on a rack in the garage
that I dry my garlic on.
DISASTER !!! After two days, the garage stunk real bad.
The shallots had turned alcoholic.
What did I do wrong? And do the same instructions
apply when my potato onions are ready too?
Many thanks,
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The word back from the horticulturalist at Burpee was that I harvested it too soon. I should wait at lease another months until all the foliage dies off and falls off.
This makes sense as the bulbs were not hard.
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