How to remove paint between deck boards with out stripping complete deck

Hi I have a presure treated deck that is over 20 years old still in good shape,over the years i have gone from stain to paint.from painting it over the last 5 years i noticed the gaps between the boards is gone and water puddles up on there any other way to open that gap other than running a skill saw between boards
i don,t have a problem using a saw i just don,t know what to do when i get near railing and saw does not reach end of boards,i want it to look good.any ideas Thank You John L
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John L
The Circular Saw is a good choice and will let you avoid cutting the joists. When you get to the ends either a handsaw or careful Jigsaw or Reciprocating Saw will finish the gaps off. You can also use a thin chisel or a putty knife hammered-in on both sides of the gap.
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