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Compacting crushed stone foundation
I'm laying a shed foundation of 3/4" crushed stone. Due to levelling issues, I'll be putting down around 12" depth of it (about 7 yards total crushed stone in a 144 sq. foot area). Question:...
11 years ago 6
Modular Buildings
We specialize in providing permanent and temporary COMMERCIAL modular buildings of all sizes. AVON MODULAR has recognized a need in the market to offer a variety of professional services for clients....
11 years ago
Need help with plans for steps for my 3 year old son's physical therapy
This prob is the wrong group, but my son was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor (3 days after his 3rd birthday) and has had surgery and just last week started his first round of chemo (this will be...
11 years ago 3
Screen door again
Settled on a custom order vinyl screen door with large pet entry from Office Depot. All hardware is extra. Just word of caution. The advertising glib about using tools that you would use on wood are...
11 years ago 1
Great Deals on Construction Equipment
I found this site that has great deals on Construction Equipment....Thought I would share it here in case anyone is interested....
11 years ago
Looking for recommendation!
I have bought a new house in Washington (Seattle), which has two lots of 30 x 40 ft and 40 x 60 ft sizes. The second one has a large strand of Birch/ maple trees. I need landscaping done for the...
11 years ago 1
Brick Stain : Dyebrick
I recently used this product successfully for staining my brick walls a more deep red color. I am now looking for a similar product for some polished stone does anyone know what I should use? as...
11 years ago 3
Gas pipe through load bearing wall
Trying to figure out if it's possible to install a gas fireplace in my livingroom in the back of the house. Inside we have a concrete slab floor. Outside we have a brick patio and fence with part...
11 years ago 3
New wiring into old K&T outlet and switch boxes
Good morning. Is it feasible (and does code allow) me to run romex into an existing metal outlet or switch box designed for knob-and-tube wiring? Or do I need to install new boxes to replace the...
11 years ago 12
Adding support to patio cover beams
Hi all. I want to close up the bottom of my patio cover with sheet rock, but I am not sure if the extra weight will cause problems. It doesn't look like the beams are thick enough to begin with. I...
11 years ago 1
"No Sitting" Metal Strips
I have seen a strip of decorative metal placed around planters in commerical areas to discourage people from sitting there. The metal I have in mind isn't tall spikes, but just maybe an inch high...
11 years ago 7
Screen door
Looking for a rigid aluminum frame screen door, for entry, with a large pet entry integral to that door. Found vinyl version online at I don't like vinyl/plastic as its subject the weather by...
11 years ago
Under tile electric heating cable/mat
I'm looking at installing under tile heating in a bathroom I'm building. The floor is concrete. What are some favorite cable or mat suppliers that you have had good luck with? Matt
11 years ago
32' x 34' addition
------------------------------------- Hello everyone. To help with climate concerns I am from Ont. Can. My wife and I are looking at putting on an addition 32' x 34' 1 floor with kitchen and...
11 years ago 2
Digital thermostat
Basic homeowner question here so be gentle... I'm replacing the old murcury thermostat with a programmable digital to hopefully same some $$ on oil. It is a very basic system - oil fired boiler...
11 years ago 2