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Insulation and venting
I'm to the point that I have to insulate on top and close the gables. I'm getting conflicting sides on where to insulate [ on top of ceiling or under roof deck] Wheather or not to vent the...
12 years ago 21
I am a general contractor but it has been years since I sweated copper. I cut the pipe with a pipe cutter tool. I clean both the pipe end (male) and the fitting (female) thoroughly. It is shiny clean....
12 years ago 14
Question on attic bathroom
Andy asks: I have built a room in the attic space and would like to add a sink and a urinal to it..... Is it acceptable to connect the drain line by "T"ing into the vent stack from a bathroom below...
12 years ago 8
Septic Tank Riser
My tank is a couple feet below grade and many decades old but still in excellent shape. I added a brush strainer and a drop T replacing the outlet baffle as the baffle had started to warp and I wanted...
12 years ago
Engineered Hardwood and Water Spills
Does anyone have any info or comments about how resistant engineered hardwood is to water spills? I know it's very resistant to chaning shape due to moisture (ie: humidity), however, I'm...
12 years ago 15
Bob Morrison
I know several here knew Bob Morrison from his posts in this ng. I realized recently that I hadn't heard from him in a while (we had corresponded a fair bit off-line) and I checked his blog and...
12 years ago 7
Older metal windows won't close
Hello All: Windows at my nephew's home won't close unless one pushes it with substantial force from outside. I looked into it a bit. I first thought it was paint buildup, but ruled this out...
12 years ago 12
Removing a 9' load bearing wall
I'd like to remove a load bearing internal wall by putting a beam in the attic and attaching it to the ceiling joists from above. I know this was general topic was discussed in April of 2008....
12 years ago 6
Discount Home Lighting Fixtures
Shop our warehouse and save! Variety of light fixtures available for both indoors and outdoors. Numerous decorative styles and finishes to match any home decor and budget. Chandeliers, ceiling...
12 years ago
Hardie plank - installing on curved surface?
Is is OK to bend fiber cement and install on a curved surface like around a bow window? The Hardie site doesn't have any warnings or instructions about installing on a surved surface. And I've...
12 years ago 3
Need a plumber
Anyone know of a good plumber in Seattle area? I have a leak under my sink and don't want to be taken to the cleaners to get it repaired. Thanks! Steven- Three posts with 4 minutes of each...
12 years ago 1
Need Plumber (Bellevue)
Looking for a plumber to repair toilet and bathtub in a Nea Zmirni apartment before I arrive at the end of August. If you can help or can recommend someone, please contact me.
12 years ago
Need plumber & electrician
I have a friend in Bellevue who has just bought a great old craftsman house and is scheduled to move in a couple of weeks and needs several things done before she moves. Specifically she needs a...
12 years ago 1
You Light Up the Room - Wall Sconce
I could be describing that luscious blonde as she sashays across the room or that tanned muscular hunk as he enters the room, but I=92m not. I=92m describing the brilliant ambiance of the Wall Sconce....
12 years ago
Hiding aggregate in concrete pour
I'm unable to find any information pertaining to "floating" concrete when it is poured into a form. My ultimate goal is to hide all coarse aggregate from all surfaces when poured into a mold. I...
12 years ago 6